Worries and Wonderings


Worries and Wonderings...

...is a home-based conversation structured around "12 myths of wraparound sexuality education.”

It is an overview and introduction of why the overall conversation about sex, bodies, and relationships is important.


How it works...

Because my seminar (SAFE) is 8 hours, I wanted to offer a taste of the material in a bite-sized portion. Worries and Wonderings helps caregivers understand why being brave, real, and first in having the squirmy conversations about sex, bodies, and relationships is our job.

If you would like to host a Worries and Wonderings conversation, here's what's expected:

  • Invite, invite, invite – friends, neighbors, parents of school friends, anyone who parents or offers care to children and teenagers.
  • Provide some snacks and beverages (what kind is up to you).
  • Open your home to as many as will fit or limit the guest list based on your comfort level.
  • Get the word out! (I'll provide a JPEG, you set up the event page).
  • Post questions to ponder before the event. (These are listed below).

Questions for Your Group to Ponder Beforehand

1-     What were the messages in your home as a child about bodies, sex, relationships, gender roles, and intimacy?

2-     What about those messages (implicit/explicit) do you want to change? Do you want to pass along to your child(ren) or the kids you love?

3-     What scares you about these conversations? What gives you confidence?

4-     If you do find yourself afraid, what tools/information/resources would help you gain the confidence you need to move forward?

5-     If you could ask LeAnn one question about wraparound sexuality education (education that includes bodies, relationships, puberty, intimacy, not just intercourse), what would it be?


If you're interested in hosting a Worries and Wonderings conversation or would like more information, please click the button below.